Our season officially came to an end with great tournament play.

The tournaments were amazing and crowned a champ for each night. Then this year we added a Overall League Champion Tournament which consisted of all nightly champs and 2nd place winners. Thank you all who participated in this years Sand Volleyball League

The overall Winner:  Sandy Cheeks


                                        Monday:          Is it in

                                        Tuesday:         Team Reese

                                        Wednesday:   Two Bump Chumps

                                        Thursday:       Ball Tappers

                                        Friday:             Bottlenecks & Spandex


* Our theme week was a huge success. Thanks again for everyone making this year great!

Stay tuned for updates for Next years Season...



Rules for the season:

-       Please show up at least 20 minutes prior to your game and be ready to play. If we are running ahead of schedule WE WILL MOVE ON TO THE NEXT GAME!!


-       You will have a TWO MINUTE warmup. Please stretch and be ready to play for your scheduled game.


-       6 players allowed on the court at once and must have two girls on at all times.


-       Once one point is over you will have 20-30 seconds MAXIMUM to serve the next point. We are trying to limit time wasted in between points in order to keep all games scheduled ON TIME.


-       DO NOT TOUCH THE NET. This means when you are hitting a ball your hand is not allowed to touch the net. You are not allowed to pull the net down at any time. When you are blocking, if you purposely hit the net you will lose the point. We have had many issues with the net so our rule will be to not touch it. (This will be the refs call so please no arguing with the ref). Please be honest when you are playing another team, we do not want any arguments or dishonesty!


-       Most importantly.. Remember this is a family environment so have fun and keep it clean. We are here to have great time at PeeWee’s Place and want everyone to have the best experience! 


Changes at PeeWees Place!! 

- regarding changes to PeeWees place we do have a new volleyball court and it is just about ready for all of you to take action on!!

- we have a new parking lot system that will be understandable as you arrive and if you have any questions contact a server and they will assist you!

- The outside Kiosk is available but servers will also be out there to take your orders as well!! 

- we have a new P.O.S system that servers are using that is paperless! They now are using tablets to make everything easier by the touch of a button in their hand! 


We are so excited to have you all back and can’t wait. if you have any questions feel free to contact me at this email or at 859-653-3638!! 



Molly Reese